Oh Holy Rieth (ri_diculous) wrote in pseudoheroes,
Oh Holy Rieth

The start of it all.

VxCettaxV: Erica, it really is an embarrasment that you hang out in here. Dont you have any face? Any shame?
GIoryless: o.O; What do you mean?
VxCettaxV: After all the things that you've done, you just dont leave. You're a whore, and dont matter in Hogwarts anymore. You should really leave it, for good.
GIoryless: ...what the fuck? I'm a whore? What the hell have I done now?
VxCettaxV: Everything that you've ever done. You come to me telling me how you dont like these new people and yet you are all over them. You're all over other peoples men, also. You're a WHORE. You should LEAVE this group. You're so dense and have no idea how many people dont like you.
GIoryless: I used to think they were annoying, but they got better. I make new friends, I embrace new things. Making friends doesn't make me a whore. If people don't like me, good for them, I don't give a shit. I know a good amount of people that do, and for them I stay. I'm not leaving.
VxCettaxV: Those people you stay for dont count. You ruined a good thing by being a whore. And by changing, but I wont get into that. You had REAL friends, not these people who dont care about you. But you were a WHORE. You still ARE a whore.
GIoryless: What good thing did I ruin? How did I change?
VxCettaxV: Well, you never changed the part that you were a whore. Thats what you are and thats all you'll ever be. A home wrecker when you get older, as well. You ruined having good friends. Friends that CARE about you. THATS what you ruined. Now no one cares about you. Now you're nothing.
VxCettaxV: These new people see you as an easy ride to get into the group. "Look. Someones who's been here for a while." Or maybe a RP buddy. But thats it.
VxCettaxV: Those arent FRIENDS.
VxCettaxV: You have nothing in this group.
VxCettaxV: You should leave it.
VxCettaxV: And save yourself face before these new people find out about how you're a whore.
GIoryless: How did I ruin having good friends? I kept my old friends, I embraced new ones. Not only does that not make me whore, but as I haven't been romantically attached to someone for about 7 months, I could've have whored against anyone.
VxCettaxV: Or worse yet, before you wreck someone elses relationships
GIoryless: Yes. I do have "friends". I rarely RP with people, yet they still talk with me.
GIoryless: Why do you want me to leave so badly? Everyone makes mistakes, I don't care if people hear about my past. It's not like I've ruined any relationships or anything else since.
GIoryless: I'm not leaving reguardless of what you say to me. Sorry.
VxCettaxV: You must be really dense, Erica. You didn't keep your old friends. Except for maybe the males. And you might not care about your past but the past is a version of the future. You wont change.
VxCettaxV: You cant change.
VxCettaxV: You're a dirty whore.
VxCettaxV: You're making a mistake, Erica. Thats a promise. You should leave the group. No one wants you there.
VxCettaxV: Those new ones dont count. Its the ones that know all about you. But of course the new ones will find out when you do it to them.
GIoryless: Whatever, Cetta. Keep your pathetic opinions to yourself. No one else has embraced me with leaving, and I won't leave anything. And I won't do anything to them. If they find out, good for them. I have changed, it doesn't matter what you say. Deal with me here. I am not leaving.
VxCettaxV: No one else embraced you with leaving? People want you gone. You're dense, Erica. Dense. And people dont change. They never change. You said you changed once before but you haven't.
GIoryless: Am I really that dense if no one has embraced me about but you? If people really disliked me, they would've made it known. So far, no one has told me about this but you.
VxCettaxV: Hah. Childish ideas, you have. They're not going to come up to you and say "we dont like you." They needed the right time and place. And the right person to say it. Looks like I am. People have disliked you for so long. Even went to the level of hatred, because of your whoreness.
GIoryless: Well then tell me who you speak for.
VxCettaxV: Because you didn't change. You liked Wes, and yet you went out with other people. THATS CHANGE!?

Why, Erica? Are you going to IM them? Big bad you?
GIoryless: I stopped liking Wes when I went out with other people. Now I'm not going out with anyone, neither is he, I have the right to like him again.
VxCettaxV: What kind of childish ideas do you have? And no, I wont tell you. Unlike you I dont have a big mouth. And besides, you should already know because of things you've done to them. It's obvious. Painfully obvious.
GIoryless: I can't think of anything I've done to anyone.
GIoryless: I just want to know for my own personal glory. I don't plan on addressing this with anyone. I probably don't even talk to half the people anymore.
VxCettaxV: I dont care about your "glory". That means nothing to me. Nothing to anyone. And nothing you say can persued me on giving up these names. And besides, why should I believe a liar like you?
GIoryless: Whatever. I've never told any secrets about anyone before in my life, but ok.
GIoryless: And I'm defintely not the childish person here. Mature people look through people's faults and pasts and settle disputes by means of intelligent conversation, not by persecution and false assumptions. But children, they'll always hold grudges and rely on the past because they don't know how to look into the future see past peoples faults. No one's perfect Cetta, not me, not you. For one thing, you can't solve your problems for shit and you've supplied me with no evidence of me ever telling anyones secrets
VxCettaxV: I dont care. And that answer was the answer of a ten year old. Something I would say when I was nine or ten. Wow, I seriously over estimated you. You fucking prep
GIoryless: or being a whore since a changed.
GIoryless: You say prep like it's a bad thing. I'd rather be a prep then a lifeless two year old like you.
GIoryless: You think acting like your miss elite that you can kick me out with the false claims of a few people? That's a nine or ten year old though process.
VxCettaxV: First of all, stop claiming to be Emo. You were claimin gto be punk untill Matty and Mish set you straight. And no, it's not childish. You are a whore. And "lifeless two year old." Lmao. Where do you get those disses? You're a dumb blond prep. Only there for men. A whore. Thats all you'll ever be.
GIoryless: Dumb blonde. Lmgdao. I haven't seen you say a word more complicated than childish this entire argument. So what if I don't fit into the perfect stereotype of whatever. I'd rather not, it just means I'm more original. I don't come up with disses, I use my so- called "dumb blonde" wit. You don't know me well enough to judge me, to stop claiming you think you do. As for now, if you don't like me and you don't want me around, why don't you just leave me alone? I don't like to talk to people that have such
GIoryless: problems with me that they need to attempt to kick me out of somewhere I'm not going to leave.
VxCettaxV: Why do all the people who dont know what else to say always fall back on "you dont know me well enough. Leave me alone?" Because they're all weak. All the same mind. And as for YOU being original. Yeah, right. I could walk down the street and find a person like you right on every street corner, Erika. You're not orginal.
GIoryless: Oh fuck, everyone's original. But that's not what matters. You really don't know me well enough, and if your just going to rip apart my totally valid arguments pointlessly to defend your totally invertabrate-esque side, then you're the weak one. Stop going around the obvious to make yourself look like you actually contain some intelligence. Now, I have better things to do then fend you off. Please leave me the fuck alone.
VxCettaxV: Fine, I'll leave you alone. But this isn't the last of it. People will step foward. People who DO know you well. And they'll tell you the same thing I told you.
GIoryless: I'm sure they will. Good bye now.
VxCettaxV: Goodbye.
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