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Skizikil: Um.
Skizikil: Question.
VxCettaxV: Yeah
VxCettaxV: Shoot.
Skizikil: Would you at all be able to make a truce with Ri? Like in anyway, without her having to leave?
Skizikil: e.e;
VxCettaxV: .. Why do you ask?
Skizikil: Because.
VxCettaxV: Did she ask you to ask?
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: Its just.
Skizikil: a lot of people i talked to
Skizikil: are already sick of it
Skizikil: and people think you two should just make a truce
VxCettaxV: Who, if you don't mind telling me?
VxCettaxV: I wont attack them
VxCettaxV: I'm just curious
Skizikil: I cant say.
Skizikil: e.e
VxCettaxV: Suzi? Dani? Kevin?
Skizikil: Er.
Skizikil: Yeah.
Skizikil: Me, Wes, Tonya.
VxCettaxV: Tonya?
Skizikil: :l
Skizikil: Yes.
VxCettaxV: Tonya?
Skizikil: YES.
VxCettaxV: You can't be serious.
Skizikil: I am?
Skizikil: She told me she just doesnt care what ri did to her
Skizikil: o_o
VxCettaxV: I see, I see..
Skizikil: and from what i saw
Skizikil: that was the basis of the arguement, anyways.
VxCettaxV: I'm sorry. Wheels are already in motion.
Skizikil: =/
Skizikil: Why not?
Skizikil: Why cant you?
VxCettaxV: Nothing personal against you.
Skizikil: I know.
Skizikil: its just
Skizikil: why not?
VxCettaxV: It's too late.
VxCettaxV: Talking to her now?
VxCettaxV: Saying its too late?
VxCettaxV: Hmm?
Skizikil: Um.
Skizikil: What if the other side..
VxCettaxV: My side?
VxCettaxV: Or her side?
Skizikil: wants it to end in a truce
Skizikil: her.
Skizikil: rather than keep it going
Skizikil: because i know you both
VxCettaxV: .. I'd have to think about it.
VxCettaxV: You know me/
VxCettaxV: *?
Skizikil: and no offence but you are both rather stubborn
Skizikil: =X
VxCettaxV: As are you.
Skizikil: Oh yeah. I know.
VxCettaxV: Takes one to know one, hmm?
Skizikil: Why are you acting resistant to me now?
Skizikil: I'm neatrual dumbass
Skizikil: e.e
VxCettaxV: You'll change. You're with us. Then for her.
VxCettaxV: Then nutruel
Skizikil: Dude.
Skizikil: I'm neutral
VxCettaxV: You'll change your mind again.
Skizikil: I want this to end
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: I won't.
Skizikil: I dont care who the fuck 'wins'
Skizikil: I just want it to 'end'
VxCettaxV: I'll have to think about it. Although I doubt I'd be able to stop it. Wheels are in motion. Besides, I'm not so sure I want it to end with a truce.
VxCettaxV: I'm sick of truces. Fuck 'em.
Skizikil: Who have you made a truce with?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Lax. Before. Tonya.
Skizikil: Cetta..
VxCettaxV: A few other people.
VxCettaxV: You.
VxCettaxV: I think.
Skizikil: think about it
Skizikil: Me?
Skizikil: wtf
Skizikil: when?
VxCettaxV: Eh. Maybe not. My minds fuzzy.
Skizikil: Okie, thats what i though.
Skizikil: Well i mean seriously
Skizikil: would you rather spend your days
VxCettaxV: Matthew. The other one.
Skizikil: fighting
Skizikil: or being happy
VxCettaxV: Those, sometimes, go hand in hand.
Skizikil: No, they dont.
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Who says?
Skizikil: Me
VxCettaxV: Thats wrong, then
Skizikil: Anything you say is false.
Skizikil: o_O
VxCettaxV: I've had personal experience
Skizikil: Okay..
Skizikil: Hold up.
Skizikil: Lets not fight.
Skizikil: I just want this 'fight' to end.
Skizikil: Can we at least calm to a little
Skizikil: thing
Skizikil: until we can figure out
Skizikil: how to end this fight?
VxCettaxV: What do you care about what goes on online?
VxCettaxV: Remember? To you its all 'not real'.
Skizikil: Why do you live in the past, Cetta?
Skizikil: And dont tell me you dont..
VxCettaxV: I don't.
Skizikil: Because you do.
Skizikil: That is the past.
Skizikil: Everything that you have been talking abbout
Skizikil: has been in the past.
VxCettaxV: She still hasn't changed, though
VxCettaxV: And the past means alot
VxCettaxV: It makes people who they are. Lax has not changed.
Skizikil: The past means a lot when you look on the good things
VxCettaxV: Shes gotten worse
VxCettaxV: Shes a whore.
Skizikil: Er.
Skizikil: Examples?
Skizikil: Seriously though..
Skizikil: she likes Wes
Skizikil: no one else
VxCettaxV: Being ALL over on the new guys.
Skizikil: o_o
Skizikil: all the new guys are gay
VxCettaxV: She likes Wes. Then goes out with people.
VxCettaxV: While liking Wes.
VxCettaxV: Not all of them
Skizikil: who isnt?
VxCettaxV: I dunno there names. There were new people before the official new crowd came in
VxCettaxV: Like alittle while ago.
Skizikil: Oh.
VxCettaxV: Which wasn't that long ago
Skizikil: In the past, huh?
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: Okay.
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: you flirt with people?
VxCettaxV: There still around somewhere
VxCettaxV: People I know for a long time.
Skizikil: I flirt with an insanly large amount of people
VxCettaxV: And I'm not even that good at it.
Skizikil: So why arent you calling me a whore?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: You aren't serious when you do it.
VxCettaxV: She is.
Skizikil: Yes I am.
Skizikil: o_o
VxCettaxV: Yeah, right
Skizikil: Okay.
Skizikil: You're right.
Skizikil: Most of the time i'm not>>
VxCettaxV: Mmhmm
Skizikil: But i dont think she means it
Skizikil: i think your hate for her makes you think she is
Skizikil: =/
Skizikil: you lil' hate weaver, you.
Skizikil: wtf??
Skizikil: where did that come from.
VxCettaxV: I'm not blind
VxCettaxV: I didn't always hate her
VxCettaxV: And I seen it
VxCettaxV: Since forever.
Skizikil: So you would prefer her
Skizikil: to go back to
Skizikil: being suicidal and trying to be dark?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Ahahaha. No
Skizikil: that is the way she was
VxCettaxV: Well, maybe suicidal
VxCettaxV: Yeah
Skizikil: before 'whorish'
VxCettaxV: I remember
VxCettaxV: But she was still a whore.
Skizikil: She isnt a whore.
Skizikil: she is flirtacious
Skizikil: can we leave it at that?
VxCettaxV: You keep thinking that.
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: because what you are describing is flirtacious.
VxCettaxV: No
Skizikil: Yes.
Skizikil: It is.
VxCettaxV: What I am describing
Skizikil: Is flirtacious.
VxCettaxV: Is WHORISH.
Skizikil: Whorish = fuckin' people for money.
VxCettaxV: Since this is online, shes whorish for it.
VxCettaxV: And lets not get technical
VxCettaxV: Okay?
Skizikil: Well you seem to want to be gettin' technical
Skizikil: okay?
VxCettaxV: No
Skizikil: Er yes.
Skizikil: .. Anyways.
VxCettaxV: Did you IM me to fight, or what?
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: I IMed you mediate.
VxCettaxV: Okay, then stop.
Skizikil: Because i want this to end.
Skizikil: Soon.
Skizikil: Or like
Skizikil: do something
Skizikil: but fight
Skizikil: why cant you two have it out like
Skizikil: without fighting about it
VxCettaxV: Thats impossible
Skizikil: like have a fuckin'
VxCettaxV: And yo know that.
Skizikil: is it?
VxCettaxV: *you
VxCettaxV: Have a fucking what?
Skizikil: is it really,though?
VxCettaxV: Yes
Skizikil: How so?
VxCettaxV: I'm not even talking to her, though
Skizikil: okay
Skizikil: well
Skizikil: how about
VxCettaxV: Now wheels are in motion for other people
VxCettaxV: Against her.
Skizikil: okay..
Skizikil: who?
Skizikil: mish?
VxCettaxV: Can't you see? Even if I wanted it stopped, which I dont, it really cant be.
VxCettaxV: You should know who.
VxCettaxV: If you dont I wont tell.
Skizikil: .. Yes it can be stopped.
VxCettaxV: By who?
VxCettaxV: You?
Skizikil: Uh.
Skizikil: By you
Skizikil: and Ri.
VxCettaxV: No.
VxCettaxV: Ri cant stop it.
VxCettaxV: And I wont stop it.
Skizikil: You are so stubborn.
Skizikil: Why do you WANT to fight?
Skizikil: Seriously
Skizikil: why do you like to make peoples lives miserable like this?
Skizikil: its stupid
VxCettaxV: Dont think of this as a fight, Matty.
Skizikil: and right now, Cetta
Skizikil: it isnt working.
VxCettaxV: I can see that clear as day.
VxCettaxV: Dont worry about it, though. It will, soon.
VxCettaxV: Are you sending this to Lax?
Skizikil: Nope.
VxCettaxV: Everything I'm saying?
VxCettaxV: Not like I would care.
Skizikil: No, I'm not.
VxCettaxV: Tell her to brace herself.
Skizikil: No?
Skizikil: You tell her too.
VxCettaxV: No? And you call yourself her friend.
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: I'm not on Lax's side.
Skizikil: I'm not on your side.
VxCettaxV: If you want it stopped..
VxCettaxV: ..for fear of making her life miserable..
VxCettaxV:'re on her side.
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: Did i say that?
Skizikil: No i didnt
VxCettaxV: Yes.
Skizikil: now stop putting words in my mouth
Skizikil: cause ill spit them back at you
VxCettaxV: Is that a threat?
Skizikil: Do you take it as one?
VxCettaxV: Perhapes.
Skizikil: Well too bad
Skizikil: cause it wasnt
VxCettaxV: If you say so.
Skizikil: .. Anyways.
VxCettaxV: Well, now that you see I'm not budging..
VxCettaxV: ..will you change the subject?
Skizikil: Nope.
Skizikil: Bye.
VxCettaxV: Bye.
Skizikil: -Gunan talk to Ri now.-
Skizikil: be back in like
Skizikil: however long this convo took
Skizikil: o_O
VxCettaxV: I thought you already IMed her
Skizikil: I did
Skizikil: to ask her a question
Skizikil: about if she would rather this end in truce
VxCettaxV: Alright.
VxCettaxV: Okay
Skizikil: so you wouldnt
Skizikil: be willing to talk to ri at all?
Skizikil: for any negotiations?
Skizikil: whatsoever?
VxCettaxV: Let me think about it..
Skizikil: Okie.
VxCettaxV: .. right no its leaning more towards no.
VxCettaxV: Since I dont bend in anyway.
VxCettaxV: *any way.
Skizikil: ..
Skizikil: she would be willing to talk to you
Skizikil: if you im her first
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: Why not?
VxCettaxV: I dont want to talk to her.
Skizikil: Well
VxCettaxV: Without having an attack
Skizikil: Ri wants to know
VxCettaxV: Sorry.
Skizikil: you to know*
VxCettaxV: Shes a big girl. She should really talk to me herself.
VxCettaxV: If she dares.
Skizikil: unless its peace
Skizikil: it wont effect her
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Uh huh. It will.
VxCettaxV: But that doesn't concern you.
VxCettaxV: Brb.
Skizikil: Ri..
Auto response from VxCettaxV: I am away from my computer right now.
Skizikil: Is gunna IM you.
VxCettaxV: Christian BaIe: I've been informed there's talk of peace?
Auto response from VxCettaxV: I am away from my computer right now.
VxCettaxV: Christian BaIe: IM me when you get back.
VxCettaxV: Back. And no.
VxCettaxV: VxCettaxV: There will be no peace.
VxCettaxV: VxCettaxV: Brace yourself, Lax, dear. Its going to be one hell of a ride for you. :D
Skizikil: CETTA
VxCettaxV: Satisfied?
Skizikil: E.E
Skizikil: she really just doesnt want this to go one
VxCettaxV: Why?
Skizikil: why dont you just fuckin' consider her frightened anc heel your attacks
VxCettaxV: Oh, oh.. I should care what she wants?
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: a lot of people want it
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: I don't care.
Skizikil: so you are willing to knock away friends feelings for one person that in your mind is a whore and not worht the time of day?
VxCettaxV: They shouldn't concern themselves with it if there feelings are going to get hurt.
VxCettaxV: *their
Skizikil: It happens though, and you should know that.
Skizikil: Listen, cetta.
VxCettaxV: Let them come and tell me themselves. Alright? Then I'll talk to *them*
Skizikil: The outcome wont be what you think it will be.
Skizikil: Its gunna be a friggin'
Skizikil: deadlock
VxCettaxV: Deadlock?
Skizikil: Yes.
VxCettaxV: Which is?
Skizikil: You will be stuck there fighting a battle you cant win, and one ri cant win. You'll be tied in things, neither of you will win no matter how much you think you will.
Skizikil: And dont tell me that it wont happen because it will
Skizikil: no matter how many people ri drags up
Skizikil: no matter how many you drag up
Skizikil: it will happen
VxCettaxV: What makes you so sure?
Skizikil: What makes me so sure?
Skizikil: the fact that you are both so stubborn.
Skizikil: Ri refuses to leave
Skizikil: you rewfuse to give up
Skizikil: the result is obvious.
VxCettaxV: No matter how much she refuses now, she will give up. She will leave. I will make sure of that. Me and the most powerful people I know.
Skizikil: I sincerly doubt it.
VxCettaxV: I really dont wish to discuss thos anymore.
Skizikil: She wont leave because of you, Cetta.
Skizikil: She already made some friends that care for her
Skizikil: and you and your powerful friends cant seperate it
Skizikil: Once again, Cetta.
VxCettaxV: She can talk to them through IMs. PRs which I wont go into. All that. Just no more in Hogwarts. No more.
Skizikil: She can get into hogwarts
Skizikil: o.o
VxCettaxV: We'll see.
VxCettaxV: Once again what?
Skizikil: i dont see how you can make her not
Skizikil: but once again.
Skizikil: Peace efforts are non negotioable?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: That is correct. :D
Skizikil: Why?
Skizikil: other than
Skizikil: "the wheels are in motion"
VxCettaxV: The train left the station. :/
Skizikil: No more cliches.
VxCettaxV: And besides..
Skizikil: And besides..?
VxCettaxV: .. I dont bend. Yeild. Or give up. Unless I want to.
Skizikil: Why dont you want to?
Skizikil: What if she just never talked to you?
Skizikil: or stopped being a whore?
Skizikil: e.e
Skizikil: would you stop then?
VxCettaxV: No. It's started, and I wont be the one to stop it, now.
Skizikil: why not?
Skizikil: you started it
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: I did start. But now even if I wanted to stop it I cant. And I dont wish to stop it. Its started, and it cant be stopped. Sorry. You're probably even talking to the wrong one about this.
Skizikil: Oh.
VxCettaxV: I dont want to discuss this any longer.
Skizikil: and who should i talk to?
VxCettaxV: If you dont know I wont tell you.
Skizikil: Michelle?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Dont assume things.
Skizikil: I am not assuming.
Skizikil: I am guesing.
Skizikil: DeR
VxCettaxV: Same difference, smart ass. e.e; Dont guess, either.
Skizikil: dont be retarded =x
Skizikil: Aynways
Skizikil: Seriously though
Skizikil: is it Michelle?
VxCettaxV: If you don't know I will NOT tell you.
Skizikil: its not chippu
Skizikil: because he is. nm
Skizikil: its not you
Skizikil: and the onnl person i know of in yer group is michelle
Skizikil: =x
VxCettaxV: It might be him. It might be me. It might be Mish. It might be someone else.
VxCettaxV: I dont give out secrets. Sorry.
Skizikil: mmkay
Skizikil: ill talk to mish when she gets on, then.
VxCettaxV: Alright.
VxCettaxV: Lets change the subject or not talk?
Skizikil: change the subject
VxCettaxV: Alright. o.o
VxCettaxV: So anyway.
Skizikil: o.o;
Skizikil: Yep.
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