Oh Holy Rieth (ri_diculous) wrote in pseudoheroes,
Oh Holy Rieth

My side.... I feel like posting it.

Everyone's acutely aware of my past, as I've so stated it. But note that it's my *past* that's bugging them. Things of the past, that have nothing to do with them and that they had no sign of ever even caring about. When I mean past, I mean roughly 10 months ago.

I have since then changed. I will admit to one point being selfishly cruel, yet have I not done any of the actions I have in my past.

Yet Cetta claims I flirt whorishly with people. Let's see what guys I talk to in Hogwarts:
Matty (Skizkill): No, sorry, no flirtation there.
Kevin (Draco IVIalfoy): Gay.
Kevvi (His screen name changes. x.o): Like my brother, and with Dani. And he's rarely in hogwarts. In fact, I really don't talk to him too much.
BiLL (Lykos Anthropos, : Gay.
Mike: Pff. No. He's *never* in Hogwarts.
Wesling: The only guy I flirt with.
TeD: Gay, I think.

Some whore I am. Whore to the gay guys. =/ Yeah, that's me.

So Cetta threatens to sick her two other allies on me to give me some form of onliine mental breakdown to get me out of Hogwarts. First thing, I'm not leaving. Sorry. Just because you, Mish, and Chippu don't like me doesn't mean that other people don't. And they're never in Hogwarts to begin with.

So they'll throw false insults and assumptions at my face and I'll point and laugh at their attempt to be powerful and threatening. Yeah, ok. And let me tell you how mature it is to sit here and call me whore for no reason.

Lmgdao. She just called Brit a whore. Fucking moron.

Viva la resistance,
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