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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Posted by:pretty_vacunt.
Time:11:45 pm.
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Friday, May 24th, 2002

Posted by:medigan.
Time:1:25 pm.
Guess What??? I get a chance to interview Sugarcult this Monday in Connecticut at the 104 Fest. If you have any good questions, or comments you want me to ask them; email me at peej@fastmusic.com

I'll post the interview when I get back! ~PJ
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Monday, May 20th, 2002

Subject:Emo is Good.. Punk is Good Too. =)
Posted by:spriinx.
Time:8:41 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
He asked me, 'Whats punk?' I said, 'Punks not a look, it's a lifestyle.' He looked confused, so I kicked over a trash can and said, 'That's punk.' He then kicked a trash can and said, 'Is that punk?' I said, 'No, that's trendy.' << Rawr >> -- Spriinx =)
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Monday, April 15th, 2002

Subject:Hehe. e.e;
Posted by:mexis.
Time:12:00 pm.
Mood: high.
Dudes, I am so stoned out of my mind right now. - Giggle fit. -
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Thursday, April 11th, 2002

Subject:From the spectacular Kevin
Posted by:pollywoghater.
Time:6:44 pm.
Mood: accomplished.

I have done it, I have defeated the livejournal gods and gotten in to join pseudoheroes. It was quite a struggle, if I do say so myself.
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Posted by:pyrex.
Time:10:36 pm.
I so keep thinking that it says 'Pseudo Whores.' :X
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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002

Posted by:ri_diculous.
Time:7:22 pm.
My side.... I feel like posting it.

Everyone's acutely aware of my past, as I've so stated it. But note that it's my *past* that's bugging them. Things of the past, that have nothing to do with them and that they had no sign of ever even caring about. When I mean past, I mean roughly 10 months ago.

I have since then changed. I will admit to one point being selfishly cruel, yet have I not done any of the actions I have in my past.

Yet Cetta claims I flirt whorishly with people. Let's see what guys I talk to in Hogwarts:
Matty (Skizkill): No, sorry, no flirtation there.
Kevin (Draco IVIalfoy): Gay.
Kevvi (His screen name changes. x.o): Like my brother, and with Dani. And he's rarely in hogwarts. In fact, I really don't talk to him too much.
BiLL (Lykos Anthropos, : Gay.
Mike: Pff. No. He's *never* in Hogwarts.
Wesling: The only guy I flirt with.
TeD: Gay, I think.

Some whore I am. Whore to the gay guys. =/ Yeah, that's me.

So Cetta threatens to sick her two other allies on me to give me some form of onliine mental breakdown to get me out of Hogwarts. First thing, I'm not leaving. Sorry. Just because you, Mish, and Chippu don't like me doesn't mean that other people don't. And they're never in Hogwarts to begin with.

So they'll throw false insults and assumptions at my face and I'll point and laugh at their attempt to be powerful and threatening. Yeah, ok. And let me tell you how mature it is to sit here and call me whore for no reason.

Lmgdao. She just called Brit a whore. Fucking moron.

Viva la resistance,
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Posted by:ex_atwa621.
Time:6:39 am.
Mood: aggravated.
Skizikil: Um.
Skizikil: Question.
VxCettaxV: Yeah
VxCettaxV: Shoot.
Skizikil: Would you at all be able to make a truce with Ri? Like in anyway, without her having to leave?
Skizikil: e.e;
VxCettaxV: .. Why do you ask?
Skizikil: Because.
VxCettaxV: Did she ask you to ask?
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: Its just.
Skizikil: a lot of people i talked to
Skizikil: are already sick of it
Skizikil: and people think you two should just make a truce
VxCettaxV: Who, if you don't mind telling me?
VxCettaxV: I wont attack them
VxCettaxV: I'm just curious
Skizikil: I cant say.
Skizikil: e.e
VxCettaxV: Suzi? Dani? Kevin?
Skizikil: Er.
Skizikil: Yeah.
Skizikil: Me, Wes, Tonya.
VxCettaxV: Tonya?
Skizikil: :l
Skizikil: Yes.
VxCettaxV: Tonya?
Skizikil: YES.
VxCettaxV: You can't be serious.
Skizikil: I am?
Skizikil: She told me she just doesnt care what ri did to her
Skizikil: o_o
VxCettaxV: I see, I see..
Skizikil: and from what i saw
Skizikil: that was the basis of the arguement, anyways.
VxCettaxV: I'm sorry. Wheels are already in motion.
Skizikil: =/
Skizikil: Why not?
Skizikil: Why cant you?
VxCettaxV: Nothing personal against you.
Skizikil: I know.
Skizikil: its just
Skizikil: why not?
VxCettaxV: It's too late.
VxCettaxV: Talking to her now?
VxCettaxV: Saying its too late?
VxCettaxV: Hmm?
Skizikil: Um.
Skizikil: What if the other side..
VxCettaxV: My side?
VxCettaxV: Or her side?
Skizikil: wants it to end in a truce
Skizikil: her.
Skizikil: rather than keep it going
Skizikil: because i know you both
VxCettaxV: .. I'd have to think about it.
VxCettaxV: You know me/
VxCettaxV: *?
Skizikil: and no offence but you are both rather stubborn
Skizikil: =X
VxCettaxV: As are you.
Skizikil: Oh yeah. I know.
VxCettaxV: Takes one to know one, hmm?
Skizikil: Why are you acting resistant to me now?
Skizikil: I'm neatrual dumbass
Skizikil: e.e
VxCettaxV: You'll change. You're with us. Then for her.
VxCettaxV: Then nutruel
Skizikil: Dude.
Skizikil: I'm neutral
VxCettaxV: You'll change your mind again.
Skizikil: I want this to end
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: I won't.
Skizikil: I dont care who the fuck 'wins'
Skizikil: I just want it to 'end'
VxCettaxV: I'll have to think about it. Although I doubt I'd be able to stop it. Wheels are in motion. Besides, I'm not so sure I want it to end with a truce.
VxCettaxV: I'm sick of truces. Fuck 'em.
Skizikil: Who have you made a truce with?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Lax. Before. Tonya.
Skizikil: Cetta..
VxCettaxV: A few other people.
VxCettaxV: You.
VxCettaxV: I think.
Skizikil: think about it
Skizikil: Me?
Skizikil: wtf
Skizikil: when?
VxCettaxV: Eh. Maybe not. My minds fuzzy.
Skizikil: Okie, thats what i though.
Skizikil: Well i mean seriously
Skizikil: would you rather spend your days
VxCettaxV: Matthew. The other one.
Skizikil: fighting
Skizikil: or being happy
VxCettaxV: Those, sometimes, go hand in hand.
Skizikil: No, they dont.
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Who says?
Skizikil: Me
VxCettaxV: Thats wrong, then
Skizikil: Anything you say is false.
Skizikil: o_O
VxCettaxV: I've had personal experience
Skizikil: Okay..
Skizikil: Hold up.
Skizikil: Lets not fight.
Skizikil: I just want this 'fight' to end.
Skizikil: Can we at least calm to a little
Skizikil: thing
Skizikil: until we can figure out
Skizikil: how to end this fight?
VxCettaxV: What do you care about what goes on online?
VxCettaxV: Remember? To you its all 'not real'.
Skizikil: Why do you live in the past, Cetta?
Skizikil: And dont tell me you dont..
VxCettaxV: I don't.
Skizikil: Because you do.
Skizikil: That is the past.
Skizikil: Everything that you have been talking abbout
Skizikil: has been in the past.
VxCettaxV: She still hasn't changed, though
VxCettaxV: And the past means alot
VxCettaxV: It makes people who they are. Lax has not changed.
Skizikil: The past means a lot when you look on the good things
VxCettaxV: Shes gotten worse
VxCettaxV: Shes a whore.
Skizikil: Er.
Skizikil: Examples?
Skizikil: Seriously though..
Skizikil: she likes Wes
Skizikil: no one else
VxCettaxV: Being ALL over on the new guys.
Skizikil: o_o
Skizikil: all the new guys are gay
VxCettaxV: She likes Wes. Then goes out with people.
VxCettaxV: While liking Wes.
VxCettaxV: Not all of them
Skizikil: who isnt?
VxCettaxV: I dunno there names. There were new people before the official new crowd came in
VxCettaxV: Like alittle while ago.
Skizikil: Oh.
VxCettaxV: Which wasn't that long ago
Skizikil: In the past, huh?
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: Okay.
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: you flirt with people?
VxCettaxV: There still around somewhere
VxCettaxV: People I know for a long time.
Skizikil: I flirt with an insanly large amount of people
VxCettaxV: And I'm not even that good at it.
Skizikil: So why arent you calling me a whore?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: You aren't serious when you do it.
VxCettaxV: She is.
Skizikil: Yes I am.
Skizikil: o_o
VxCettaxV: Yeah, right
Skizikil: Okay.
Skizikil: You're right.
Skizikil: Most of the time i'm not>>
VxCettaxV: Mmhmm
Skizikil: But i dont think she means it
Skizikil: i think your hate for her makes you think she is
Skizikil: =/
Skizikil: you lil' hate weaver, you.
Skizikil: wtf??
Skizikil: where did that come from.
VxCettaxV: I'm not blind
VxCettaxV: I didn't always hate her
VxCettaxV: And I seen it
VxCettaxV: Since forever.
Skizikil: So you would prefer her
Skizikil: to go back to
Skizikil: being suicidal and trying to be dark?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Ahahaha. No
Skizikil: that is the way she was
VxCettaxV: Well, maybe suicidal
VxCettaxV: Yeah
Skizikil: before 'whorish'
VxCettaxV: I remember
VxCettaxV: But she was still a whore.
Skizikil: She isnt a whore.
Skizikil: she is flirtacious
Skizikil: can we leave it at that?
VxCettaxV: You keep thinking that.
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: because what you are describing is flirtacious.
VxCettaxV: No
Skizikil: Yes.
Skizikil: It is.
VxCettaxV: What I am describing
Skizikil: Is flirtacious.
VxCettaxV: Is WHORISH.
Skizikil: Whorish = fuckin' people for money.
VxCettaxV: Since this is online, shes whorish for it.
VxCettaxV: And lets not get technical
VxCettaxV: Okay?
Skizikil: Well you seem to want to be gettin' technical
Skizikil: okay?
VxCettaxV: No
Skizikil: Er yes.
Skizikil: .. Anyways.
VxCettaxV: Did you IM me to fight, or what?
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: I IMed you mediate.
VxCettaxV: Okay, then stop.
Skizikil: Because i want this to end.
Skizikil: Soon.
Skizikil: Or like
Skizikil: do something
Skizikil: but fight
Skizikil: why cant you two have it out like
Skizikil: without fighting about it
VxCettaxV: Thats impossible
Skizikil: like have a fuckin'
VxCettaxV: And yo know that.
Skizikil: is it?
VxCettaxV: *you
VxCettaxV: Have a fucking what?
Skizikil: is it really,though?
VxCettaxV: Yes
Skizikil: How so?
VxCettaxV: I'm not even talking to her, though
Skizikil: okay
Skizikil: well
Skizikil: how about
VxCettaxV: Now wheels are in motion for other people
VxCettaxV: Against her.
Skizikil: okay..
Skizikil: who?
Skizikil: mish?
VxCettaxV: Can't you see? Even if I wanted it stopped, which I dont, it really cant be.
VxCettaxV: You should know who.
VxCettaxV: If you dont I wont tell.
Skizikil: .. Yes it can be stopped.
VxCettaxV: By who?
VxCettaxV: You?
Skizikil: Uh.
Skizikil: By you
Skizikil: and Ri.
VxCettaxV: No.
VxCettaxV: Ri cant stop it.
VxCettaxV: And I wont stop it.
Skizikil: You are so stubborn.
Skizikil: Why do you WANT to fight?
Skizikil: Seriously
Skizikil: why do you like to make peoples lives miserable like this?
Skizikil: its stupid
VxCettaxV: Dont think of this as a fight, Matty.
Skizikil: and right now, Cetta
Skizikil: it isnt working.
VxCettaxV: I can see that clear as day.
VxCettaxV: Dont worry about it, though. It will, soon.
VxCettaxV: Are you sending this to Lax?
Skizikil: Nope.
VxCettaxV: Everything I'm saying?
VxCettaxV: Not like I would care.
Skizikil: No, I'm not.
VxCettaxV: Tell her to brace herself.
Skizikil: No?
Skizikil: You tell her too.
VxCettaxV: No? And you call yourself her friend.
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: I'm not on Lax's side.
Skizikil: I'm not on your side.
VxCettaxV: If you want it stopped..
VxCettaxV: ..for fear of making her life miserable..
VxCettaxV: ..you're on her side.
Skizikil: No.
Skizikil: Did i say that?
Skizikil: No i didnt
VxCettaxV: Yes.
Skizikil: now stop putting words in my mouth
Skizikil: cause ill spit them back at you
VxCettaxV: Is that a threat?
Skizikil: Do you take it as one?
VxCettaxV: Perhapes.
Skizikil: Well too bad
Skizikil: cause it wasnt
VxCettaxV: If you say so.
Skizikil: .. Anyways.
VxCettaxV: Well, now that you see I'm not budging..
VxCettaxV: ..will you change the subject?
Skizikil: Nope.
Skizikil: Bye.
VxCettaxV: Bye.
Skizikil: -Gunan talk to Ri now.-
Skizikil: be back in like
Skizikil: however long this convo took
Skizikil: o_O
VxCettaxV: I thought you already IMed her
Skizikil: I did
Skizikil: to ask her a question
Skizikil: about if she would rather this end in truce
VxCettaxV: Alright.
VxCettaxV: Okay
Skizikil: so you wouldnt
Skizikil: be willing to talk to ri at all?
Skizikil: for any negotiations?
Skizikil: whatsoever?
VxCettaxV: Let me think about it..
Skizikil: Okie.
VxCettaxV: .. right no its leaning more towards no.
VxCettaxV: Since I dont bend in anyway.
VxCettaxV: *any way.
Skizikil: ..
Skizikil: she would be willing to talk to you
Skizikil: if you im her first
VxCettaxV: No.
Skizikil: Why not?
VxCettaxV: I dont want to talk to her.
Skizikil: Well
VxCettaxV: Without having an attack
Skizikil: Ri wants to know
VxCettaxV: Sorry.
Skizikil: you to know*
VxCettaxV: Shes a big girl. She should really talk to me herself.
VxCettaxV: If she dares.
Skizikil: unless its peace
Skizikil: it wont effect her
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Uh huh. It will.
VxCettaxV: But that doesn't concern you.
VxCettaxV: Brb.
Skizikil: Ri..
Auto response from VxCettaxV: I am away from my computer right now.
Skizikil: Is gunna IM you.
VxCettaxV: Christian BaIe: I've been informed there's talk of peace?
Auto response from VxCettaxV: I am away from my computer right now.
VxCettaxV: Christian BaIe: IM me when you get back.
VxCettaxV: Back. And no.
VxCettaxV: VxCettaxV: There will be no peace.
VxCettaxV: VxCettaxV: Brace yourself, Lax, dear. Its going to be one hell of a ride for you. :D
Skizikil: CETTA
VxCettaxV: Satisfied?
Skizikil: E.E
Skizikil: she really just doesnt want this to go one
VxCettaxV: Why?
Skizikil: why dont you just fuckin' consider her frightened anc heel your attacks
VxCettaxV: Oh, oh.. I should care what she wants?
Skizikil: Cetta
Skizikil: a lot of people want it
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: I don't care.
Skizikil: so you are willing to knock away friends feelings for one person that in your mind is a whore and not worht the time of day?
VxCettaxV: They shouldn't concern themselves with it if there feelings are going to get hurt.
VxCettaxV: *their
Skizikil: It happens though, and you should know that.
Skizikil: Listen, cetta.
VxCettaxV: Let them come and tell me themselves. Alright? Then I'll talk to *them*
Skizikil: The outcome wont be what you think it will be.
Skizikil: Its gunna be a friggin'
Skizikil: deadlock
VxCettaxV: Deadlock?
Skizikil: Yes.
VxCettaxV: Which is?
Skizikil: You will be stuck there fighting a battle you cant win, and one ri cant win. You'll be tied in things, neither of you will win no matter how much you think you will.
Skizikil: And dont tell me that it wont happen because it will
Skizikil: no matter how many people ri drags up
Skizikil: no matter how many you drag up
Skizikil: it will happen
VxCettaxV: What makes you so sure?
Skizikil: What makes me so sure?
Skizikil: the fact that you are both so stubborn.
Skizikil: Ri refuses to leave
Skizikil: you rewfuse to give up
Skizikil: the result is obvious.
VxCettaxV: No matter how much she refuses now, she will give up. She will leave. I will make sure of that. Me and the most powerful people I know.
Skizikil: I sincerly doubt it.
VxCettaxV: I really dont wish to discuss thos anymore.
Skizikil: She wont leave because of you, Cetta.
Skizikil: She already made some friends that care for her
Skizikil: and you and your powerful friends cant seperate it
Skizikil: Once again, Cetta.
VxCettaxV: She can talk to them through IMs. PRs which I wont go into. All that. Just no more in Hogwarts. No more.
Skizikil: She can get into hogwarts
Skizikil: o.o
VxCettaxV: We'll see.
VxCettaxV: Once again what?
Skizikil: i dont see how you can make her not
Skizikil: but once again.
Skizikil: Peace efforts are non negotioable?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: That is correct. :D
Skizikil: Why?
Skizikil: other than
Skizikil: "the wheels are in motion"
VxCettaxV: The train left the station. :/
Skizikil: No more cliches.
VxCettaxV: And besides..
Skizikil: And besides..?
VxCettaxV: .. I dont bend. Yeild. Or give up. Unless I want to.
Skizikil: Why dont you want to?
Skizikil: What if she just never talked to you?
Skizikil: or stopped being a whore?
Skizikil: e.e
Skizikil: would you stop then?
VxCettaxV: No. It's started, and I wont be the one to stop it, now.
Skizikil: why not?
Skizikil: you started it
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: I did start. But now even if I wanted to stop it I cant. And I dont wish to stop it. Its started, and it cant be stopped. Sorry. You're probably even talking to the wrong one about this.
Skizikil: Oh.
VxCettaxV: I dont want to discuss this any longer.
Skizikil: and who should i talk to?
VxCettaxV: If you dont know I wont tell you.
Skizikil: Michelle?
Skizikil: =/
VxCettaxV: Dont assume things.
Skizikil: I am not assuming.
Skizikil: I am guesing.
Skizikil: DeR
VxCettaxV: Same difference, smart ass. e.e; Dont guess, either.
Skizikil: dont be retarded =x
Skizikil: Aynways
Skizikil: Seriously though
Skizikil: is it Michelle?
VxCettaxV: If you don't know I will NOT tell you.
Skizikil: its not chippu
Skizikil: because he is. nm
Skizikil: its not you
Skizikil: and the onnl person i know of in yer group is michelle
Skizikil: =x
VxCettaxV: It might be him. It might be me. It might be Mish. It might be someone else.
VxCettaxV: I dont give out secrets. Sorry.
Skizikil: mmkay
Skizikil: ill talk to mish when she gets on, then.
VxCettaxV: Alright.
VxCettaxV: Lets change the subject or not talk?
Skizikil: change the subject
VxCettaxV: Alright. o.o
VxCettaxV: So anyway.
Skizikil: o.o;
Skizikil: Yep.
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Monday, April 8th, 2002

Posted by:ex_atwa621.
Time:5:14 am.
Maho Chippu: Matty, is it?
Skizikil: Yes.
Maho Chippu: Good evening.
Skizikil: How are you tonight?
Maho Chippu: Quite well.
Maho Chippu: Yourself?
Skizikil: Decent.
Maho Chippu: I suppose you know quite well that you are not on Cetta's good side. Or Mish's.
Maho Chippu: So you're not going to speak to me?
Skizikil: It doesnt mean a thing to me
Skizikil: o.o;
Maho Chippu: There we are.
Skizikil: sorry currently i am also having words with Micsh.
Skizikil: Mish*
Maho Chippu: I do not believe I asked if it did.
Maho Chippu: . . . Well..Unfortunately, they are 'allies' of mine.
Skizikil: Yes, and?
Maho Chippu: And I take a bit less than kidnly to those who strike against my allies.
Maho Chippu: Far less than so, actually.
Skizikil: Do your worst?
Maho Chippu: Now...I do not want to be forced to be cruel, because I was having quite a good day.
Maho Chippu: Never tell someone to do their worst.
Maho Chippu: It is a foolish mistake.
Skizikil: Do your worst.
Skizikil: o_O
Maho Chippu: ....So you openly admit to being a fool.
Maho Chippu: Obviously you are nestled deep within your own ego and think it is a wall that will stop you?
Maho Chippu: Arrogance is no sword.
Maho Chippu: Arrogance is a weak shield- If even that.
Skizikil: I am a fool
Skizikil: I have a large ego.
Skizikil: it is not a sheilf
Skizikil: it is something i use to hurt others
Maho Chippu: You use arrogance to hurt others?
Maho Chippu: Yes, I'm sure it is to such an effect that they fall crippled.
Maho Chippu: Arrogance hurts those who think they are small.
Maho Chippu: Those who know better than to lower their own esteem cannot be scathed by another's stupidity.
Skizikil: o_o
Skizikil: thats great
Skizikil: i hope you have fun talking to a wall
Skizikil: because that is what i am right now
Skizikil: for i am fighting another battlwe
Skizikil: and i do not care whether you asked me or not
Maho Chippu: I actually believe a wall might have better grammar.
Skizikil: grammar has nothing to do with this
a simple slip of the finger my man
Maho Chippu: So you're going to hide....You won't try to take me on? Can you? Are you frightened, little rabbit?
Skizikil: No.
Maho Chippu: Not the type. Your lack of punctuation and capitalization.
Skizikil: why would i be frightened of you?
Skizikil: o_O
Skizikil: Tell me why, can you?
Skizikil: what makes you frightening?
Skizikil: im waiting
Skizikil: tell me noww

Maho Chippu: . . . I never said I was frightening.
Maho Chippu: Simply suggested you may not be quite up to going against me.
Skizikil: so?
Skizikil: I love a good fight
Skizikil: =x
Maho Chippu: Yes. I'm sure.
Maho Chippu: Matty, Matty.....
Maho Chippu: You hide behind the glass of a false face.
Maho Chippu: A stern masque, if you will.
Skizikil: o_o
Skizikil: a mask, huh?
Skizikil: what 'mask' am i hiding behind?
Maho Chippu: Anyone can wear a mask. Can you stand strong without it?
Skizikil: I suppose
Maho Chippu: You only suppose?
Maho Chippu: Confidence is not welling within you?
Maho Chippu: My, I should hope you can do more than suppose you can take a few little words.
Skizikil: Yeah.I could stand without it.
Maho Chippu: Stand.
Maho Chippu: But stand strong?
Skizikil: I am good, sir.
Skizikil: I stand strong.
Skizikil: I always have.
Maho Chippu: Stane like a statue? Marble? Unscathed through all, facing the harshness of every season, every bite of bullets and sting of blade..
Maho Chippu: You always have because you have stood behind illusions and self-proclaimed masculinity.
Skizikil: Illusions, huh?
Skizikil: what illusions?
Maho Chippu: When the costume is dropped and you stand as you truly are, you do not know how to take in or react to what is said to you.
Maho Chippu: You ask so many questions of my words.
Skizikil: Hey.
Maho Chippu: Have you not the ability to answer things yourself?
Skizikil: I have another question.
Skizikil: No.
Maho Chippu: ...The illusions...You know them.
Skizikil: I have the ability to learn
Skizikil: dumbshit
Skizikil: by asking questions i learn
Skizikil: =x
Maho Chippu: Oh, my.
Maho Chippu: You've dropped to the children's game of name-calling.
Maho Chippu: Certain questions one can know before asking.
Skizikil: No, i have used one word.
Skizikil: Anways
Skizikil: off the tops of my use of grammar and such and otherwise
Skizikil: topics*
Maho Chippu: And the ones you have asked were ones you should have been well aware of.
Maho Chippu: Yes...?
Skizikil: I forgot my question.
Skizikil: Forgive me, my mind is sleeping.
Maho Chippu: . . . Everyone gets tired at some point.
Skizikil: Yes.. i beleive that does happen..
Skizikil: Oh yes.
Skizikil: I remember.
Skizikil: How can you.. ask me questions.. when we have previously never met?
Maho Chippu: Ask, then.
Skizikil: Seriously.. find some shit out about me and then come back
Skizikil: and then we'll have our quarrel.
Maho Chippu: We need not be acquaintances to ask questions.
Maho Chippu: This is no quarrel.
Maho Chippu: It is simply the fact that it is a duty of mine to stand with allies.
Maho Chippu: I have no quarrel with you.
Maho Chippu: No grudge.
Skizikil: Then why stand up to me?
Maho Chippu: I know of you, and have heard things about you.
Maho Chippu: Stand up to you?
Skizikil: according to cetta, and michelle.
Maho Chippu: To stand up is in defense.
Maho Chippu: I'm not defending myself.
Skizikil: people should fight their own battles
Skizikil: why they not fight theirs?
Maho Chippu: I'm standing against you. Not up to you.
Maho Chippu: ...I'm letting them.
Maho Chippu: But, you see...I need to play with people's minds.
Skizikil: Well they are not fighting me anymore
Skizikil: so why fight me?
Skizikil: what is the wroth
Maho Chippu: ....And things of that sort. It is how I fuel myself.
Skizikil: worth*
Skizikil: Hey. I get a charge out of that kinda of stuff, also
Maho Chippu: Call it sick, twisted, evil...But it is my amusement. I toy and tear at the minds of people.
Maho Chippu: ...To make a person fall to tears..
Skizikil: Its normal..
Maho Chippu: To make a person drag a blade along their wrists....
Skizikil: o_o
Maho Chippu: It feeds a fire within me that drives me.
Skizikil: if that is what hope to do to me...xd
Skizikil: then you happen to be far from.
Skizikil: because i have dropped the suicidal act.
Maho Chippu: . . . I have not made the slightest attempt to toy with you, yet.
Skizikil: yes, that is right.
Skizikil: dropped it
Skizikil: then toy with me
Maho Chippu: I should hope you don't think I'm attacking.
Skizikil: please
Maho Chippu: I have not done so.
Skizikil: Dude.
Skizikil: Toy with me.
Skizikil: Now.
Maho Chippu: . . . I intended to.
Maho Chippu: But you're....Boring.
Skizikil: That is nice to know.
Maho Chippu: ...I could, and it would be less than interesting.
Skizikil: Oh well.
Maho Chippu: You're a walking ego with nothing behind it.
Skizikil: I looked forward to getting 'toyed' with.
Maho Chippu: So...There is nothing to tamper with.
Skizikil: Glad you know.
Maho Chippu: And not quite a mind to consume.
Skizikil: =x
Skizikil: my mind is fried
Maho Chippu: In any case....
Maho Chippu: I will let you to yourself.
Skizikil: G'bye.
Maho Chippu: Rest. You do seem to require it.
Skizikil: I do.
Skizikil: Toodle-loo
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Posted by:ri_diculous.
Time:5:14 pm.
VxCettaxV [10:32 PM]: You have Kevin fighting your battles for you?
GIoryless [10:32 PM]: No.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: I was discussing the matter with Kevin.
VxCettaxV [10:33 PM]: Then tell him to back up.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: It was totally his own will to talk to you.
VxCettaxV [10:33 PM]: And back off.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: I don't have to.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: He obviously has his reasons to say something.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: What? Afraid, Cetta?
VxCettaxV [10:33 PM]: Because he seen you as to weak.
VxCettaxV [10:33 PM]: Me? Afraid? Yeah, right
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: No. He knows I'm strong.
GIoryless [10:33 PM]: He just agrees with me.
VxCettaxV [10:34 PM]: If he knew that then he wouldnt have contacted me.
GIoryless [10:34 PM]: You are the one with the arugment against me with no backbone.
VxCettaxV [10:34 PM]: How is that so?
GIoryless [10:34 PM]: So you call me a whore.
GIoryless [10:34 PM]: And what makes me a whore?
VxCettaxV [10:34 PM]: You are, Erica. I have tons of people agreeing with me on this.
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: And besides. This isn't an arguement
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: But you have to be blind to see that.
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: Dont you?
GIoryless [10:35 PM]: And I have tons of people agreeing that you're a moron who has idea what you're talking about.
GIoryless [10:35 PM]: You have to blind to realise your losing. So, I guess that makes us both blind?
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: My people count, though
GIoryless [10:35 PM]: So do mine.
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: No, they dont
GIoryless [10:35 PM]: How so?
VxCettaxV [10:35 PM]: The new people dont know anything
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: Yes they do.
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: I tell them things.
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: They're my friends.
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: Your friends dont count.
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: So yours should?
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: Anyway. This conversation is over, now.
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: That makes sense.
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: Mine know what you are.
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: Mine know things yours dont
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: Mine know who I Am.
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: They know both sides
VxCettaxV [10:36 PM]: Thats what makes them count
GIoryless [10:36 PM]: And that's what's important.
GIoryless [10:37 PM]: Mine count because they know the real me.
GIoryless [10:37 PM]: Not the one you've corrupted in your head.
GIoryless [10:37 PM]: Go on. Use your pathetic arguments.
VxCettaxV [10:37 PM]: To tell you the truth, lovebug..
VxCettaxV [10:38 PM]: .. I never talked bad about you to the people who hate you. I never mentioned you. They hated you. We all had the same feeling about you. But rarely talked about it. One day we just got fed up with your ways. That should tell you something.
GIoryless [10:39 PM]: That just tells me that you're too set in you ways to realize the truth.
VxCettaxV [10:40 PM]: What I know is the truth
GIoryless [10:40 PM]: What you know is the ridiculous plan you've imagined in your head.
GIoryless [10:40 PM]: Now, see past your own sickness.
GIoryless [10:40 PM]: Until you can,
GIoryless [10:40 PM]: Leave me alone.
VxCettaxV [10:41 PM]: I'm not the one who tries to kill herself or do drugs or gets anally raped by guys and enjoys it. Or who picks on her friends. . . Remember Chloe? Hmm?
VxCettaxV [10:41 PM]: You're the sickness, Lax.
GIoryless [10:42 PM]: I don't do drugs. I don't try to kill myself. I don't get anally raped and enjoy it. And I most certainly do not pick on my friends.
GIoryless [10:42 PM]: You're confusing me with yourself, Cetta. Maybe not the drugs, ass raping, or suicide, but the the picking on your friends.
GIoryless [10:42 PM]: Now, leave me alone until you can present with valid evidence.
VxCettaxV [10:42 PM]: I have Chloe, lovebug.
GIoryless [10:43 PM]: Good for you
VxCettaxV [10:43 PM]: And logs of you about Bren.
GIoryless [10:43 PM]: Good for you.
VxCettaxV [10:43 PM]: Is that all you can say?
GIoryless [10:43 PM]: All bullshit. Go ahead.
GIoryless [10:43 PM]: No. But I don't want to talk to you, Cetta.
GIoryless [10:44 PM]: You're just a waste of time to me.
GIoryless [10:44 PM]: And I've asked you several times to leave me alone.
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Subject:The start of it all.
Posted by:ri_diculous.
Time:5:12 pm.
VxCettaxV: Erica, it really is an embarrasment that you hang out in here. Dont you have any face? Any shame?
GIoryless: o.O; What do you mean?
VxCettaxV: After all the things that you've done, you just dont leave. You're a whore, and dont matter in Hogwarts anymore. You should really leave it, for good.
GIoryless: ...what the fuck? I'm a whore? What the hell have I done now?
VxCettaxV: Everything that you've ever done. You come to me telling me how you dont like these new people and yet you are all over them. You're all over other peoples men, also. You're a WHORE. You should LEAVE this group. You're so dense and have no idea how many people dont like you.
GIoryless: I used to think they were annoying, but they got better. I make new friends, I embrace new things. Making friends doesn't make me a whore. If people don't like me, good for them, I don't give a shit. I know a good amount of people that do, and for them I stay. I'm not leaving.
VxCettaxV: Those people you stay for dont count. You ruined a good thing by being a whore. And by changing, but I wont get into that. You had REAL friends, not these people who dont care about you. But you were a WHORE. You still ARE a whore.
GIoryless: What good thing did I ruin? How did I change?
VxCettaxV: Well, you never changed the part that you were a whore. Thats what you are and thats all you'll ever be. A home wrecker when you get older, as well. You ruined having good friends. Friends that CARE about you. THATS what you ruined. Now no one cares about you. Now you're nothing.
VxCettaxV: These new people see you as an easy ride to get into the group. "Look. Someones who's been here for a while." Or maybe a RP buddy. But thats it.
VxCettaxV: Those arent FRIENDS.
VxCettaxV: You have nothing in this group.
VxCettaxV: You should leave it.
VxCettaxV: And save yourself face before these new people find out about how you're a whore.
GIoryless: How did I ruin having good friends? I kept my old friends, I embraced new ones. Not only does that not make me whore, but as I haven't been romantically attached to someone for about 7 months, I could've have whored against anyone.
VxCettaxV: Or worse yet, before you wreck someone elses relationships
GIoryless: Yes. I do have "friends". I rarely RP with people, yet they still talk with me.
GIoryless: Why do you want me to leave so badly? Everyone makes mistakes, I don't care if people hear about my past. It's not like I've ruined any relationships or anything else since.
GIoryless: I'm not leaving reguardless of what you say to me. Sorry.
VxCettaxV: You must be really dense, Erica. You didn't keep your old friends. Except for maybe the males. And you might not care about your past but the past is a version of the future. You wont change.
VxCettaxV: You cant change.
VxCettaxV: You're a dirty whore.
VxCettaxV: You're making a mistake, Erica. Thats a promise. You should leave the group. No one wants you there.
VxCettaxV: Those new ones dont count. Its the ones that know all about you. But of course the new ones will find out when you do it to them.
GIoryless: Whatever, Cetta. Keep your pathetic opinions to yourself. No one else has embraced me with leaving, and I won't leave anything. And I won't do anything to them. If they find out, good for them. I have changed, it doesn't matter what you say. Deal with me here. I am not leaving.
VxCettaxV: No one else embraced you with leaving? People want you gone. You're dense, Erica. Dense. And people dont change. They never change. You said you changed once before but you haven't.
GIoryless: Am I really that dense if no one has embraced me about but you? If people really disliked me, they would've made it known. So far, no one has told me about this but you.
VxCettaxV: Hah. Childish ideas, you have. They're not going to come up to you and say "we dont like you." They needed the right time and place. And the right person to say it. Looks like I am. People have disliked you for so long. Even went to the level of hatred, because of your whoreness.
GIoryless: Well then tell me who you speak for.
VxCettaxV: Because you didn't change. You liked Wes, and yet you went out with other people. THATS CHANGE!?

Why, Erica? Are you going to IM them? Big bad you?
GIoryless: I stopped liking Wes when I went out with other people. Now I'm not going out with anyone, neither is he, I have the right to like him again.
VxCettaxV: What kind of childish ideas do you have? And no, I wont tell you. Unlike you I dont have a big mouth. And besides, you should already know because of things you've done to them. It's obvious. Painfully obvious.
GIoryless: I can't think of anything I've done to anyone.
GIoryless: I just want to know for my own personal glory. I don't plan on addressing this with anyone. I probably don't even talk to half the people anymore.
VxCettaxV: I dont care about your "glory". That means nothing to me. Nothing to anyone. And nothing you say can persued me on giving up these names. And besides, why should I believe a liar like you?
GIoryless: Whatever. I've never told any secrets about anyone before in my life, but ok.
GIoryless: And I'm defintely not the childish person here. Mature people look through people's faults and pasts and settle disputes by means of intelligent conversation, not by persecution and false assumptions. But children, they'll always hold grudges and rely on the past because they don't know how to look into the future see past peoples faults. No one's perfect Cetta, not me, not you. For one thing, you can't solve your problems for shit and you've supplied me with no evidence of me ever telling anyones secrets
VxCettaxV: I dont care. And that answer was the answer of a ten year old. Something I would say when I was nine or ten. Wow, I seriously over estimated you. You fucking prep
GIoryless: or being a whore since a changed.
GIoryless: You say prep like it's a bad thing. I'd rather be a prep then a lifeless two year old like you.
GIoryless: You think acting like your miss elite that you can kick me out with the false claims of a few people? That's a nine or ten year old though process.
VxCettaxV: First of all, stop claiming to be Emo. You were claimin gto be punk untill Matty and Mish set you straight. And no, it's not childish. You are a whore. And "lifeless two year old." Lmao. Where do you get those disses? You're a dumb blond prep. Only there for men. A whore. Thats all you'll ever be.
GIoryless: Dumb blonde. Lmgdao. I haven't seen you say a word more complicated than childish this entire argument. So what if I don't fit into the perfect stereotype of whatever. I'd rather not, it just means I'm more original. I don't come up with disses, I use my so- called "dumb blonde" wit. You don't know me well enough to judge me, to stop claiming you think you do. As for now, if you don't like me and you don't want me around, why don't you just leave me alone? I don't like to talk to people that have such
GIoryless: problems with me that they need to attempt to kick me out of somewhere I'm not going to leave.
VxCettaxV: Why do all the people who dont know what else to say always fall back on "you dont know me well enough. Leave me alone?" Because they're all weak. All the same mind. And as for YOU being original. Yeah, right. I could walk down the street and find a person like you right on every street corner, Erika. You're not orginal.
GIoryless: Oh fuck, everyone's original. But that's not what matters. You really don't know me well enough, and if your just going to rip apart my totally valid arguments pointlessly to defend your totally invertabrate-esque side, then you're the weak one. Stop going around the obvious to make yourself look like you actually contain some intelligence. Now, I have better things to do then fend you off. Please leave me the fuck alone.
VxCettaxV: Fine, I'll leave you alone. But this isn't the last of it. People will step foward. People who DO know you well. And they'll tell you the same thing I told you.
GIoryless: I'm sure they will. Good bye now.
VxCettaxV: Goodbye.
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Posted by:pyrex.
Time:10:12 pm.
It's okay BiLL. I like vagina too. ;]
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Posted by:assmongrel.
Time:5:06 pm.
Sigh. I only said that to shut him up. He has yet to shut up.

Die, Matty. Die.
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Posted by:ex_atwa621.
Time:5:07 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Fell the Shadow: I like vagina.
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Friday, April 5th, 2002

Posted by:ri_diculous.
Time:5:02 pm.
Kevvi-ness, I <3 thee.

Maintainer here. FAQ: What is this about? Truth, I have no fucking clue. But join anyways and just rant, I want more members e.e;

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Posted by:mexis.
Time:1:59 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Mwaha. o.o; Andrew got ripped off for his Ps2, so he's having the people that ripped him off, ripped off! So two days ago he had me make a list of stuff I wanted and I'm getting hooked up with 3 blunts, a bottle of tequila, two 40 ouncers of Steel Reserve 211. I'm gonna feel all like one of the coo' kids watchin' mah movies drinkin' mah fourtie. :x - Sparks a cigarette. -
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